5 Fun Easter Activity for Kindergarten Children

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The celebration of Easter is an exciting moment for most people, and children are no exception. Usually, Easter is synonymous with eggs, bunnies, colorful decorations and fun things that involve children. This special moment is also often referred to as Easter Activity.

Easter Activity

One of the activities on Easter that is most often played with children both at school and at home is the game of egg hunting. This game is very fun to play, because it involves many children. Looking for hidden eggs and getting gifts when they find them, is the most fun moment for children. Apart from egg hunt, there are several more exciting activities on Easter that can be done, including;

1. Egg decoration

Another fun activity that is often done during Easter is decorating eggs. Children really like painting on eggs in bright colors. You can also invite the children at home to take part in this fun activity. The method is very easy, take a few eggs that have previously been seized so they don’t break easily. Then prepare watercolors and brushes. Invite the children to paint on the egg, according to their respective expressions. Give a target time so that this activity will be even more exciting. And don’t forget, give awards to children who can complete activities according to the rules that were made previously.

2. Painting Eggs on Tottebag

Painting eggs on tottebags is also a fun agenda for Easter. But usually, this activity is followed by children who can paint / draw. Painting eggs on tottebags, is also usually contested in schools or in malls. So the children involved in the competition were asked to bring their own painting tools, while the tottebag was sponsored by the relevant agencies.

3. DIY Eggs from Plasticine

Plasticine can also be used as a cool medium to fill in activities on Easter day. Making DIY Easter eggs and also rabbits from plasticine does not require special skills, because it only requires the imagination of children. When it’s finished, just put it in a colorful cup cake and give it sand.

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