5 Types of Diet to Lose Weight

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The word of diet is certainly not a stranger things to you. Yes, diet is one of effective way to lose weight or maintain your ideal body weight. Therefore, no wonder if there is so much type of diets that recommended for those of you who are willing to try losing weight. But before going on diet program, you should know in advance the types of diets in order to choose the type that suits your goals and ways. Here are 5 types of healthy diet you can consider:

  • Diet Atkins

Diet atkins is a healthy diet by reducing or not eating carbohydrate but you may consume protein and fat. Because of the absence of carbohydrate, the sugar blood will drop and the body will start burning fat as a source of energy. This diet type, suitable for overweight or obese people to losing their weight.

  • Diet 5:2

When you’re doing diet 5:2, you can eating normally for five days then fasting for two days in a week. To improve diet results, when not fasting you have to consume healthy food menu, such as vegetables, fruit or yogurt. And in addition to losing weight, this diet can increase life span, improve cognitive function and also protect the brain from illness such as dementia or Alzheimer.

  • Diet Mayo

Diet Mayo is the most popular among all. This type of diet usually runs within just 14 days and show significant weight loss result. If you choose this type, you prohibited from consuming of salt and fried foods. In addition, you must also balance your diet with regular exercise and drink enough water.

  • Diet vegan

If ypu choose this type of diet, you are prohibited from consuming various foods that come from animals, such as meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, mayonnaise and any other derivative products. It’s all because, vegan dieters not only aim to lose weight or maintain health quality, they also want to protect the environment by avoiding the consumption of animal products.

From those 4 types, what type that suits you best?

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