56 comments on “Panduan Membuat dan Verifikasi Akun SolidTrustPay [STP]
  1. ogut says:

    Saya mau verifikasi via bank
    dari 3 syarat, addreess verifikasi sudah berhasil, tinggal ID dan Bank verifikasi.

    Saya coba kirim ulang data2 yang dibutuhkan,
    tapi malah dibalas seperti ini :

    Thank you for sending us your documents. However, for the verification of your account we are going to require a copy of a second piece of government issued photo identification. If you could please send us a copy of your international passport at your earliest convenience that would be greatly appreciated.

    We also require that you submit an unaltered personal head and shoulder picture of yourself to complete the verification of your account.
    One that is a non-government, non-professional (passport, drivers license, country identification photo’s are not acceptable), or company identification used photo.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Please do not reply to this email as it is a “no reply” email address. Please send all documents to verifications@solidtrustpay.com.


    itu maksudnya saya disuruh ngirim scanan passpor bukan?
    masalahnya saya tidak punya, apa yang harus saya berbuat?
    tolong dibantu ya mas.


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